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 ELAY at MIDEST 2011, París.

MIDEST is the key platform for international suppliers of industrial subcontracting.

It is a show where partnerships are forged and technology surveyed, offering manufacturers, component suppliers and assemblers the chance of face to face meetings with suppliers of solutions in the fields of metals, plastics, electronics or industry services: an average of 1.750 exhibitors each year, where 40% of exhibitors are non-French and are drawn from 40 countries; 40.424 professionals from all sectors of activity in 2010, 14% of customers are from outside France and are drawn from an average of more than 70 countries, being over 50 the foreign organizations that are active partners of MIDEST.



 Kiekert Quality Award “Kiecup”
ELAY Mexico (Celay, S.A. de C.V) has received the award “KieCup“on the part of Kiekert Group, as “2010 Best Supplier in the region of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)”.

With a result superior to 88 %, Kiekert Group has rewarded the efficiency of our Mexican plant in the Management of Quality and Service. The awarding of this prize shows the consolidation of the strategic collaboration that began some years ago between ELAY Group and Kiekert Group.

The award was gathered last June 9, by the Managing Director of ELAY Group, Mr Santiago Agirregoikoa, in the facilities that Kiekert Group has in Puebla (Mexico).
 A new fine blanking press in ELAY

From February onwards, we will have fully operational a new fine blanking Feintool press in our production site of ELAY (Spain). With up to 880 tns, it will allow us to increase our production capacity and flexibility.

This new investment confirms our strategic commitment to constantly improve our product and service and, hence, seeks our final goal of maximizing our customer´s satisfaction.

 Incorporation of a new fine blanking press of 800 tons in ELAY Mexico
From March, 2011, a new Feintool fine blanking press is operative in our facilities of ELAY Mexico (CELAY, S.A. de C.V). With blanking capacity of up to 800 tons, it will allow us to attend with major capacity and flexibility to the increasing demand of our customers.

This new investment supposes a double milestone for ELAY Mexico; on one hand, it will allow us to continue keeping the level of supported growth obtained in the last years and, on the other hand, to introduce us in other segments and types of pieces that up to the moment were impossible for us, due to the lack of machine-capacity.

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