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Added value Fine Blanking

We are specialized in the manufacturing of metallic parts using fine blanking technology, that with the increasing automation of the assembly processes, obtains important advantages: narrow tolerances and very flat surfaces with no machining operations.

The advantages of fine blanking

Fine blanking as a technology allows to add value to products by producing highly precise parts with homogenous quality at a lower cost. This is often the most effective manufacturing process for components requiring strict size control at a high quality.

The characteristics of fine blanking

The parts manufactured using fine blanking have the following characteristics:

  • Outer and inner shapes with straight, clean cuts (up to 16 mm)
  • The option of making small holes with diameters and gaps (distance between the inner and outer geometry or between internal geometries ) relative to the material thickness. All of this often eliminates the need for costly secondary machining operations such as: bending, reaming, milling, lathing, boring, etc.
  • Flat surfaces: During the fine blanking process constant pressure is applied to both sides of the part, wich allows it to obtain flat surfaces that are impossible to achieve with conventional stamping.

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